SEO and Social Media Trends You Need to Know


Yet we aren't updated how to use social trends for our business market. Daily trending apps and the competition in business is driving the startups crazy as to what experiment what not. We need to have good exposure when it comes to advertising your brand. Advertising is easy but the way to market is still a question. Some real-time methods will prove essential.

1. Live video and real-time engagement

There’s no question that video content is on the rise, in popularity and significance. Users have faster, more mobile internet connections and the written content on the web has left users hungry for something more visual engagement. Beyond that, live, in-the-moment of the brand is becoming more important in the social realm thanks to mobile experiences and constant communication. These two trends together are facilitating the rise of live-streaming, which is being promoted by most major social media profiles, and you can expect it to grow in both streaming and viewing figures.

2. The rise of social content

There’s no shortage of content on social media, from brands and users alike, but now the features like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram has its way of engaging the audience and promoting your brand which is emerging day-by-day, we may see a new kind of social content develop. Users are already starting to accept the idea that videos automatically play in their newsfeeds, and full-fledged articles are available without users ever having to leave a social app. This puts an increased demand on brands to provide content through social channels first, which as you might imagine, also has suggestions for traditional on-site SEO.

3. Increased priorities on apps.

Adding to the complexity of these in-app experiences, both social media platforms and search engines like Google favoring apps. To prioritize the visibility and usage of apps for mobile users. As this trend develops, apps will take on a significant role for users’ online experiences, possibly pushing them ever closer to diminishing of traditional websites.

4. Social commerce

Let's thank the popularity of social commerce, more social media brands are considering the model and improving with their own advertising strategies; expect to see a more sarcastic online shoppers experience in the near future, which may decrease the need for your own stand-alone website in an SEO.

5. Personalization

The general content won’t be enough for most users - at least not for much longer. Today’s average user is spoiled, with controllable newsfeeds on social media and search results that vary based on location, search history and other factors specific to individual users interest. The public is gradually demanding content looking forward to more visual and advertising that’s more individualized and more relevant than ever. Niche-targeting and more individual experiences, especially on social media, are going to become more necessary for success.
None of these trends demands a complete overhaul to your strategy -- at least not yet -- but they should give you a few ideas on how to adjust your campaign for the mere future. You may need to redefine your budget to favor more effective strategies or increase your budget, to experiment with a new channel, but the most important thing to do is consider the long-term future and remain flexible with the flow.
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